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Full-Stack Engineer - Data Visualisation (JOB CLOSED)

Malmo / Full Time

September 6

From our products to our team members, Neo4j is centered around relationships. We hire candidates who are fundamentally wired to connect – whether that's a business opportunity, an innovative customer solution, or a feat of data engineering. We're looking for a talented person to join the Neo4j team and help us further the Neo4j vision to help the world make sense of data. ### Who is Neo4j? Neo4j is the clear leader in the rapidly emerging graph database category. Our internet-scale graph platform helps companies around the world connect data to reveal invisible contexts and hidden relationships that drive breakthrough applications and analytics. As the #1 platform for connected data, Neo4j has over fifty million downloads, the world’s largest graph developer community, and thousands of graph-powered applications in production. ### The Role - > Neo4j Bloom is an easy-to-use graph exploration application for visually interacting with Neo4j graphs. First launched in 2018, Bloom is now a core part of the Neo4j graph platform. It helps people to explore graph technology for the first time, and ultimately allows business users to get value from graphs without writing any code. Following the success of Bloom since launch, we are looking for a full-stack engineer to join the development team. Bloom consists of two high-level components: a modern single-page web application and a server-side library written in Java. The visual functionality is implemented in the web application, while the server-side library is responsible for metadata and collaboration. We are looking for somebody who is comfortable implementing new features across both the web-application and the server side component. ### Likely features that will span both components are: - graph analytics - advanced graph layout - search optimisation ### We are looking for candidates who: - have both frontend and some back-end experience - are confident with modern web technologies, especially React - are comfortable working in Java for the server-side component ### Ideally candidates should have also have experience of: - Redux - WebGL - Electron (used for delivering our Neo4j Desktop application) - Other JVM languages (Scala, Kotlin) - Neo4j ### Country - SE Our Bloom team is split between our Malmö and London offices, so you must be comfortable working as part of a distributed team. We use extensive automated testing, so proficiency with unit-testing up to full-stack integration testing will be helpful. ### Why Join Neo4j? At Neo4j, you get the opportunity to build and lead on the edge of what's new in the world of technology. You have the opportunity to work alongside diverse and talented colleagues from around the globe. Our engineering headquarters are located in Malmö, Sweden and London, UK. ### We hire candidates who reflect the following Neo4j core values: - We Value Relationships - We Focus on User Success - We Thrive in a Culture That Is Open and Inclusive - We Assume Positive Intent - We Welcome Intellectually Honest Discussions - We Deliver on Our Commitments Intrigued by this role? We encourage you to apply even if you don't fit 100% of the listed qualifications. Neo4j is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. Please read the Privacy Notice Regarding Neo4j's Recruitment Process to understand how the personal data that you provide is handled.

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