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Senior Inventive Data Scientist

NYC/NJ / Full Time

March 18

The Data Science and AI Research group in AT&T's Chief Data Office is looking for a passionate and talented data scientist to fill a Senior-Inventive Scientist role. We are looking for unique and exceptional individuals who will have a passion to drive new and innovative concepts into our business. Our data scientists are expected to think big to explore and rapidly prototype new ideas and solutions to to solve challenging business problems. They are independent thinkers able to lead and drive novel ideas from concept to operational reality.

Candidates must show demonstrated proficiency and excellence in data science, preferably in applications containing large data sets,  which have had a measurable business impact.  Applicants must be strong coders, and be familiar with modern data engineering and cloud systems.  Effective communication skills are critical for expected presentations to executives.   This is the perfect opportunity to become a part of a fast paced and innovative team that leverages the latest data science, machine learning and AI  technologies to solve to real world problems and help drive business value for our clients.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Use expert proficiency and experience in statistics and machine learning methodology  to apply to real world business problems.
  • Creatively develop and prototype new innovative data science methods - and disseminate them through patent submissions, white papers, and internal and external presentations.
  • Utilize strong software skills to write efficient code to prototype machine learning algorithms applied to complex structured and unstructured data sets.
  • Use knowledge and experience with large-scale data sets, utilizing tools and platforms used to manage large-scale data analytics and processing.
  • Progressively combine data science skills and knowledge with industry/business knowledge to derive and deliver innovative solutions to business clients.
  • Build predictive models using data, designing appropriate training and test data sets, and appropriately quantify model performance.  Test the model  in the real world and quantify business value.
  • Effectively prepare analytic results using strong communication and presentation skills to  convey relevant insights to high level executive or non-technical audiences.  Be adept at translating the meaning and significance of the insights.
  • Be active in the data science community internally and externally - sharing knowledge and expertise and bringing in new ideas to  create innovative solutions.
  • Use knowledge of cloud technologies to support transformational efforts to move legacy applications to public cloud platforms.
  • Provide leadership, guidance and skill mentoring to junior colleagues.


PhD in an approved field with no minimum years of relevant experience or Masters in an approved field with a minimum of 2 years of relevant experience or a Bachelors in an approved field with a minimum of 4 years of relevant experience.

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