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Senior Scientific Software Developer / Tech Lead

Remote / Full Time

May 5


As a Senior Scientific Software Developer, you will be a key member of our senior team solving problems for our clients using tools from the Python open-source ecosystem. You will help translate business requirements to software architecture and technical implementation. As appropriate, you will help maintain and push developments back upstream to open source projects. We are especially interested in people with a strong technical background who have experience or have an interest in becoming technical leads. Our client projects vary widely across business domains and technologies used, being comfortable with growing and learning new technologies will be key to fitting in at Quansight. Key areas we touch when building solutions for clients include algorithm development, data engineering, data science, machine learning/AI, visualization, packaging, infrastructure and integration.


  • Fluency in Python
  • Ability to make technical and architectural decisions with minimal oversight.
  • Ability to provide technical leadership to others.
  • Extensive experience with the Scientific Python and Data Science ecosystems, i.e. Pandas, NumPy, Scikit-Learn etc
  • Exposure to building data engineering pipelines using Prefect, Airflow and similar tools
  • Familiarity with software engineering best practices – including unit tests, code review, version control, CI/CD etc.
  • Superior written and verbal communication skills, including writing and reviewing documentation

Additionally one or more of the following skills will help you stand out:

  • Contributions to open source projects
  • Skills in other programming languages
  • Experience with DevOps and Infrastructure-as-Code approaches
  • Practical Experience in MLOps approaches
  • Experience with Python packaging and conda environments
  • Experience with advanced Python data libraries such as Dask and Numba
  • Experience working in a client-facing environment

Company Background

Quansight has its roots in the Python data science community. Our mission is to connect companies to open-source communities to create sustainable data-driven solutions that benefit the whole ecosystem. We accomplish this mission by providing a variety of services ranging from open-source software development to training and consulting. We believe in a culture of do-ers, learners, and collaborators. We are looking for people who are motivated, humble, curious, and respectful of others.

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